Thoughts on a beautiful Saturday

What a GREAT Saturday Morning! Sun is out, light breeze moving thru the trees, leaves turning and the crispness of Fall! I Love it! Time for Lance’s Rant of the Weekend or Week depending when you open this up…


I have talked for a while now about staying focused, controlling your efforts, keeping a positive attitude. This isn’t an easy profession; in fact, sales in general is very hard work. That’s one of the reasons we are compensated as much as we are. “Personally” I don’t think we are compensated enough (but that is a rant for another day).

Why do we always seek to take the easy way out? Because we are human. Human nature is like running water; we always look for the path of least resistance. So we can “go with the flow.” “How we love to meander like a river.” The easy way! Hey I hate to break it to you… There are no magical potions, or programs, or websites, or systems out there that will all of a sudden make you a ton of money.

Shhh…I do have secret for you. But only if you keep it to yourself and give it a try. Let’s keep it on the “Down low.” “Just between you and me.” “It will be our little clever secret.” HUSH! HUSH!

 it's a secret!


The one system I know that works, if you implement it and believe in its core value is, APDKH (now that’s a nifty acronym, if I do say so myself). APDKH stands for; Attitude, Persistence, Dedication, Knowledge & Hard work. Let’s do this and break it down…

A = Starting everyday with a fantastic Attitude is a choice we can make. Telling yourself that you are going to have a good day…no check that… “A GREAT DAY!”  Filling yourself at all times with positive affirmations, surrounding yourself with constructive people and choosing to be upbeat are some of the keys to a positive attitude. If you don’t believe in yourself – nobody will!!

P = Be Persistent. Following up with your current and past clients. All leads, all prospects and don’t forget to ask for referrals. Don’t take No for an answer. Don’t make the mistake of not asking for the business. Do have a strategic plan in place that helps you stay organized and focused?  Remember this; No is just another way of “saying maybe.” Your job is to find the real reason and figure out the solution.

D = Dedication is how you approach your job every day.  Do you stay on schedule? Are you making your calls and contacts that you need to make in order to reach your goals? Are you doing “Proactive” activities such as: open houses, calling, going forth and finding those people who need your help and assistance? Are you actually dedicated to your practice?  Do you set “hours of business?”  The hours that your store is actually open for business? Are you available to your people? Do you have a plan in place? Are you taking your business seriously enough to know what you have to do in order to do this business? Ask yourself: “Do I really treat my business like a business?” If so… “then I must continue to treat it like a business, work business hours and stay the course.”

A ship on smooth waters...

K = Knowledge is power; how many of you are doing your best to be students of the business? Lifelong learners… striving to know as much as possible about the market, the contracts, the inventory etc…? I believe there is no business, currently, that is changing as rapidly as the real estate game. You need to be up to date on all contracts, technology & the overall market conditions. Just trying to get by on 15 hours of CE doesn’t get it done! You better become the REALTOR “with the information.” The more your clients think this and respects you for this, the more they will come back to you and feel confident enough to refer you business.

H = Hard work; nothing and I do mean NOTHING can replace this. I have seen many sales associates who technically weren’t the strongest agents, however they out worked, out hustled, outperformed and muscled their way to market share. You can never replace hard work!turn on the headlamp

The Result

If you believe in yourself and believe in APDKH you have    “NOTHING TO FEAR EXCEPT FEAR ITSELF!” (Didn’t someone important say that first?)

Alright, no more rantings and ravings from the “Upper Deck.”  For now.


About Lance Berwald, Coldwell Banker Burnet

I am a real estate aspirant and scholar. Always seeking to learn more about an every changing world and industry. Come and seek the truth about life, real estate and what motivates us each and every day!
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