Talking Points: For the new Agent

Script: Sphere of Influence/New Career Announcement

Source: Words That Work #14, PAGE – 10

Client Talking Point

Check it out…

  1. Hi, this is _________ with ________________. How are you?
  2. I called because I wanted to bring you up to date on my recent career change. Do you have a minute for me?
  3. I recently joined Coldwell Banker Burnet’s, Minneapolis-South Office and started a real estate career.
  4. I was wondering, would you mind if I sent you a few of my business cards?
  5. If you know of someone looking to buy or sell, would you be willing to tell them about me?
  6. Thank you for your help. Is there anyone you can think of right now that might need real estate services?
  7. Look for my cards in the mail, and if I can ever be of any help to you, your family or friends, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  8. Thank you again. Talk to you soon.  

About Lance Berwald, Coldwell Banker Burnet

I am a real estate aspirant and scholar. Always seeking to learn more about an every changing world and industry. Come and seek the truth about life, real estate and what motivates us each and every day!
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