Business Traction

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”

~Arnold Bennett

[This week’s Rant and Perspective Moment brought to you courtesy of Mr. Miagi, (Mike Hoffman). This was so good, I thought I should share it with you.]


 “Traction”.  A word I’ve heard myself saying quite a bit this month because I think it’s critically important to, pardon another expression, get our rhythm’ and action/implementation going early in the year.  I believe it sets the pace for the balance of the year.  If we get our “MOJO” (Courtesy of Shari Seifert) working early… be out there DOING things from our plan – then we get a sense early on how we’re doing with our objectives.  But what does traction’ really mean when it comes to business? I googled (notice no (“) quote marks around Google anymore!) Business Tractionand got a lot of hits.  Comforting to know that in fact, there is a lexicon for traction in business.  Here’s one I found: >>


“‘Business Traction’ is the ability of a business to effortlessly pull itself with power and purpose past its goals and objectives. In other words, it is firing on all cylinders and just seems to be clicking along. Time, money and programs yield a return much greater than the investment”.  One went on to say that it’s not so much metrics that measure this, it’s more of a feel that we’re on the right path, doing the effective things that we anticipated would work efficiently for us.”  A Feel!  I found 5 Tips’ to growing your traction, and they sound very familiar, don’t they.

o   Be Future-oriented – have a clear Vision (what will we be and do in the future); Mission (the purpose) and your set of Core Values (your accepted norms of performance).

o   Measure it – use a dashboard’ of main metrics.

o   People – get your team (and vendors) clearly aligned with your objectives.

o   Alignment Everything ties back to your Mission and Vision.

o   Prune – Make adjustments as needed.



“That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What we hope ever to do with ease, we may learn first to do with diligence.” Samuel Johnson

“The greatest mistake is to continue to practice a mistake.” Bobby Bowden


This week, as we cruise ALREADY into the 2nd month of the year, let’s be out of the blocks and on the track establishing and getting into our pace.  It just makes sense, doesn’t it!

Feb 2011


About Lance Berwald, Coldwell Banker Burnet

I am a real estate aspirant and scholar. Always seeking to learn more about an every changing world and industry. Come and seek the truth about life, real estate and what motivates us each and every day!
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One Response to Business Traction

  1. Betty Morris says:

    Really liked the comments and enjoyed the blog. Kind of reminds me of a high speed racing car analogy in a way. Preparation, and then the ride. Good traction necessary to be sure.

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