Pilots –The Rookie, The Novice, The Expert

“Success as I see it, is a result, not a goal.”
~Gustave Flaubert

Rookie and novice pilots make more mistakes than expert pilots do. Sometimes those mistakes are fatal. Rookie and novice salespeople also make more mistakes than expert salespeople do. Fortunately for the rookie salesperson, they are rarely fatal…but they can put an early end to an otherwise promising career. Below is a list of the most common rookie and novice mistakes. What the AVERAGE ROOKIE & NOVICE SALESPERSON does:
1. Starts late and finishes early.
2. Fails to embrace time management.
3. Fails to meet all of their commitments.
4. Fails to strategize.
5. Gets down after a loss.
6. Forgets their support staff.
7. Tries too hard to impress.
8. Talks more than listens.
9. Fails to cultivate relationships.
10. Hides mistakes.
11. Fails to ask for the order.

What the SALES EXPERT does: The sales expert acts like a veteran. What can you do?
1. Start early and finish late.
2. Consistently use a system to manage time.
3. Chews arm off if need be to meet commitment.
4. Set strategy and adjust it regularly.
5. Know that a loss means a win is coming soon.
6. Treat support staff better than you treat your customers.
7. Try harder to be impressed by others.
8. Ask good questions and then shut up.
9. Strive to make valuable connections.
10. Own up to errors and learn from them.
11. Ask for the order…every time.

Thanks for allowing me to rant…

“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of work.”
~Sarah Knowles Bolton


About Lance Berwald, Coldwell Banker Burnet

I am a real estate aspirant and scholar. Always seeking to learn more about an every changing world and industry. Come and seek the truth about life, real estate and what motivates us each and every day!
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