Another Road

ken griffley jr“As long as I have fun playing, the stats will take care of themselves.”
~Ken Griffey, Jr.


the roadIf something looks to be impossible, look at it in a different way. What you wish to do can be done, though perhaps not in the way you originally thought. Just because one road is blocked, does not mean that the destination is unreachable.

You can always find another road, or make your own. An important part of any achievement is making it your own achievement. It is your very own dream, and you must find your own way there. Whatever seems to be blocking you is merely guiding you to be more creative.

Each challenge brings with it a new opportunity to add your own unique value to the effort. Don’t let your mind get so tightly wrapped around the problems of the moment that you fail to see the larger possibilities.

Know that there’s a way to move forward, and you’ll find it. Your imagination is what first connected you to your dream.

Nourish that imagination and let it carry you all the way there.

Thanks for allowing me to rant…

joe mauer“You start feeling it’s late, it’s been a long year… You just try to battle through it. You have to fight through that and catch another second wind.”
~Joe Mauer


About Lance Berwald, Coldwell Banker Burnet

I am a real estate aspirant and scholar. Always seeking to learn more about an every changing world and industry. Come and seek the truth about life, real estate and what motivates us each and every day!
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